Finally the Elections are over!!!

 “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss”

The Who

Man, what a rush – I guess I was surviving purely on adrenaline overload for the last one week.
To shed some light – the last elections left us with strife and deep wounds.
So here comes the next one, alliances are formed and once again the monsters are unleashed. All of a sudden, people who were sane and level headed for the last few years start spawning vitriol and ethnic slurs.
Posts on the social media either contained, or if not the ensuing discussion would degenerate into a tribal/party bashing emotional slug fest.
(I get it that the web is where most people will unleash their ‘dark half’ – majorly under pseudonyms.)
So here I am, with my turbo boosted multiple parallel processor mind. With each new event, I can see a multitude of timelines branching out, plus all the branches each timeline may form.
To make matters worse, (or more interesting), I’ve just began my medications and I’m still adjusting. So by the end of it all I can now relate to the term “roller coaster” though I don’t think I’ve ever ridden one.
Results: Depression sets in, a vicious swirl taking me deeper and deeper. Darkness overwhelms me, I can see it all coming back. The chaos, the bloodshed, the polarization.
Finally, it’s all over. The common man seems to have understood that it is all a game to the politicians, or maybe we are too tired to bother any more.

I fall into a blissful sleep, all the emotional overload finally hits me.

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