Teacher, teach! – The African way.

Teach me, teach me, teacher – Burning Spear

So i am checking my tweeter updates and there  is all this talk of mentoring, coaching and CBT for ADHDers.

Ok, I’ll admit I’m ignorant of  what it entails, though I can understand it is all about training me on my behaviors and improvement. Now this may sound like the best idea ever but for the life of me I have no idea how I can access such services here and furthermore from the few online coaches I have googled, the rates are just too exorbitant for me. (I don’t know about the rest here as I’ve tried to reach out to my fellow Kenyans but either I’m the only one here, or they want to stay silent)

Anyway, the reason I bring this up is I have noticed that of late my levels of procrastination have been  rising steadily, deadlines are passing me by too often and I have been withdrawing from people. I know the next stage is usually anxiety and depression, which is why I’m sending this SOS.

If anyone has an iota of an idea how I can access this kind of material, whether second hand or otherwise, kindly give me a shout.

Wishing all a peaceful Easter Monday!


PS. My biggest challenge so far is prioritizing. I see it as the major hurdle I have to overcome so as to be able to address all the other issues that are affecting my performance and my life. the reason I feel this is because whenever I procrastinate, the motive behind it is that whatever i put my mind to in the midst of what I was doing is more important. Sure enough halfway through this ‘important’ emergency that has been discovered an even greater discovery is made. So at the end of it all  I have like a long list of projects that were abandoned at different stages scattered all over my workspace (kind of reminds me of government projects)

My boss is pissed off at my incompetence, already I’m in the self destruct mode by then and depression always seems to know i;m ready for his so called ‘motivational talks’ and BAM!! Another one bites the dust.

Bye,, My Stilnox just kicked in.

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