Long time gone

True, I’ve been missing for the last month.

MONTH???!! Really? It’s been that long?

O.K. The blame lies with me. Once more I went and forgot I had agreed with myself to take a few projects only, until I got accustomed, and stick to my schedule. PROMISES!

Unfortunately, challenges arose from all directions, or maybe its just that I had not yet noticed them previously. From fighting with the landlord (in the process realized there are no laws protecting tenants whose rent is in the range of $35 – $180 p.m. – Go figure!), utility providers to work related stuff.

Anyway, enough about that.

Organizing Aids:

I’m slowly adapting to utilizing aids in helping me organize my day-to-day activities. I’ve settled on Google Calendar for now (though I may stay with it for long). Especially now that most mobile phones are coming with the Android platform thus it is easy to synchronize and automatically back-up my schedule to Google, easing the worry of losing my phone. Also works with my BlackBerry calendar (Hooray!!!)

Next project:

I’ve been slacking out on my yoga (pot-bellies and yoga are not buddies – ouch) and meditation for a long time. So I’m going to have to begin again. The other challenge will be to quit smoking.


For now the one thing I’m proudest of is that I’ve finally kicked alcohol (3 months on the wagon!!!!)

Goodnight all!

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