I plan to plan.

Come on. You knew it!
I know it is not good for me. But I just keep finding myself in the same ol’ place.
The week is over and I was to have cleaned up my ‘house’. Which is so tiny that everything is just 5 steps from the door.

Get back on track
So anyway I had(have) this plan that I need to implement to take care of the dump. Thus I start planning on how to make the afore mentioned plan feasible, with the end result being I’m off the rails.


Back to the drawing board?
That is just an example of what I have going on in my life. No wonder I end up doing the compulsive stuff more.
Let’s face it. How else could I make it through?

Enough about that for now. Its 5am and I need to find something to wear to work today, once I get off the bed, after I partake a smoke…….

You get the picture!

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