Hot, dry and powerless – Welcome to January

It is that month of stress and strains once again. That is if you live in my part of the world!
The effects are felt both in the physical and psychological fronts, believe me.

Physically.The temperatures have been high that every day feels longer and drier than the previous. This is compounded by the fact that water rationing is also in effect, leaving one parched and irritable. Into this mix the electricity has been playing havoc with intermittent blackouts all through.
All these makes controlling my temper an exercise in futility!

Furthermore, we have the psychological factors come into play. The first being we are just back from a multiple holiday month where expenses were higher than normal, followed by kids reporting back to school the first week of the month for their first term ( yep! School fees going up) and the landlord also increase the rent during the same period.

So, here I am ‘hot, dry and powerless’ wondering why this month feels longer than the calendar would lead me to believe!

Welcome to my January!!! Just hope your visit is short 🙂

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