You don’t know me!!!

For being such a great friend. One who believes has my best interests at heart. You are always there to guide me on what I should do, think and act. Advice on who I should befriend and whom to despise. So much insight that you give me, on my relations and family ties, that many would think you’re my twin.

But wait.

All that advice you dish out, so confidently is based on guesses, misguided opinions and fantasies that only you understand. When did you ever take the time to hear what I said. Any time I start to talk you want to be in the hero, the professional, the expert in everything, to be heard, and for me to bask in your wisdom.

Yet for all your talk, nothing is of worth to me. Your aim is to cause strife between me and others. To ensure I don’t befriend anyone else. But the fact that comes out clearest, now that I think about it, is that you have nobody else to be ‘lord and master’ over. The poison that you fed me slowly but surely, is washing away bit by bit. The blindfold unraveling.

“If I were you ….” Of which you never were nor will you ever be.
“In my opinion ….” When did I ever ask you for one?
“You know, you are better off without….” Of whom you did not know, to advice me about.

I’ve decided to turn the tables now. I hope you’ll understand, the reason I don’t pick your calls, or visit you. Its not that I’m too busy, no. Its not that I hate you, no.
Its just that

in my opinion, if I were you. You are better off

Without my presence.

Good night

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