I’m trying to wrap my mind round the meaning of addiction for my kind and its too much.

Simple stuff like watching telly, reading a novel or even going online to check my mail can end up being a 12-24hr marathon.  Guess it the distraction part of me.

And while some activities may not pose a major risk. There are those that do. I can do without alcohol even for months but the minute I take a bottle it ends up being an all night, take no prisoners, to hell with the rest kind of drinking.

The reality of this usually hits the next evening, taking me into a deep spiral of depression and self-loathing that can last days or more.

Somewhere along the net I read about an app that you can place a constant reminder of how long you’ve gone without drinking. Only to have it running for a week before I set a new record the minute I slipped.

That’s not to say the app is to blame.  But on the other hand the reminder of what I’m avoiding, especially when I’ve come from ending a frustrating call does make the bottle more appealing.

I’m giving it a few more weeks before I pass judgement on how helpful it really is.

Yep. Lost track of what I was about.

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