I apologize.

Dear reader,

Please accept my humble apologies. What am I apologizing for? Well that’s a million dollar question.

Firstly, I ceased posting. The reason was that I was yet to hit the bottom,  hard!
Yeah, I did reach a new low. Shattering all the dreams and hopes I had lied to myself I had and could attain.

Secondly,  I got tired of finding I was always posting “negativish” stuff all the time. Maybe in the process alienating you. It sucks to read that drivel every time, I know. Oh how I know!

The other is that I believe I’ve been living in fantasia all the while. What I said and did having no basis in reality. Go figure.  And while the fantasy had a few good moments,  it had to be shattered,  sooner or later.

Having said all that,  this doesn’t mean I’m finally out of the woods,  revelling in the sunny meadows.
Yes, I will and am, struggling to make sense of the messed-up caricature of a life. The journey is still far from over  (forget the fact that the destination is still not known )

So for those that are still willing to journey with me. Belt up, keep your arms and other appendages within the carriage at all times, and let’s begin this leg of the voyage.

Feel free to jump off at any time.


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