The Secret most people knew!

Life’s never fair. And no that’s not it. It’s the fact that when it comes down to the nitty-gritty nobody gives a (insert your favourite expression here) about you and what you’re going through.

The worst part is that many feign experiences so they can fit in with us, then form friendships that are, to me, just for the sake.

Having said that,  there are those that genuinely are struggling to get help, and most often end up in the grips of the pretenders. Taken in as “projects ” with a big “F#$* You ” waiting at the end.

Having been put through that particular wringer myself I only feel sadness for my kin. Hopefully they’ll realize it before it’s done to them.

On the other hand,  there’s a few groups that are really supportive, and I applaud them for their work. Interesting enough most are being formed by teens, which in my opinion,  is a good way to relate with others undergoing the same,  is scary as in the only way they can be assisted is through the internet, with its minions looking to prey on the young and vulnerable.  Thus for the parents,  please try to understand your child’s struggles,  especially with the new generation,  of whom we need to reeducate ourselves to communicate to. As for the teens out there looking,  take the utmost care wherever you mingle online,  though it may sound like the same old song I’m singing!!

Have yourselves a slow and easy weekend!


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