Memories of old resurfacing. Ouch! That hurts.

Yes! I finally got to read “Rage” by Stephen King.
Scary! Although I could slowly find myself identifying with the main character. And, NO! I’m not saying I’d do what he did!!
Repressed Memories
Of these I have lots. Most of which I feel are yet to resurface. And the ones that do are so painful that I still am unable to talk about. PTSD? Most likely! But out here that is also not something that’s “real”
What to do (or not)
So what are my options now?
Hmmm. Wish I knew, keeping in mind that mental health is too expensive here, choices are few.


The story still untold

recently received from a classmate

recently received from a classmate

Good morning friends.

I was just “scrolling” through my blog and realised that I had a story I had promised to tell.
It was about my childhood and school. I am (still) hoping to finish it one of these days, although its hard, since most of my past is still a big blank. I’m hoping to link up with some old buddies from the period and get more info.
Was sent this photo by one of them and it is slowly unlocking some of those memories.

Have a memorable day!

Hardest challenges in my life

At times I have to wonder if the lessons learnt from childhood were supposed to prepare me for an alternate universe.
This is mainly because it seems I’m the only one who values things like;

  • being courteous (please, thanks, etc)
  • respectful
  • trusting (unless proven otherwise)
  • Or maybe I’ve lived beyond the time when such was important. I mean when I see the way people behave (and not the young generation only) I wonder what kind of future our kids will have to face.

    I pray I’m wrong!

    Who Am I?

     Don’t take “no” for an answer
    There’s no telling where we’ve been
    And all I know, is that if you can find me
    You may never wanna find me again
    ‘Cause people don’t understand

    People like me.

    Alphas Theme Song

    At times I guess my life can be defined like a person with multiple personalities but all active at the same time.

    So our lives are a “Good news, Good news scenario” The good news being we get there eventually. And the other good news being to get there we take the most scenic route you’ll ever experience. The downside of all this is of course that most of the people we interact with are not gifted/blessed like us so they usually end up either
    • Annoyed or angry – since to them we seem to be ignoring them when they ask us something.
    • Confused – when our comments or answers are brief and/or cryptic
    • Hurt – since we often don’t bother sugar-coating our comments
    I really feel the character Kat from Alphas series (Guess it is my best show – until I switch to another), she’s this lady who can remember everything she’s ever learnt either by reading or watching, but cannot remember any event from more than like a month ago. Things like where she was, who her friends were, what she did and all that.

    The reason I bring this up is I always find myself in embarrassing situations where I forget peoples names, or at times where we met. Thus it’s like “Umm…. , remind me your name” or my favourite “I know we’ve met trouble is I can’t remember where.”

    So next time we meet and I ask you again, please understand.

    Guess he said it best.
    “Your neurons must myelinate at an astounding rate.” Dr. Rosen – Alphas

    P.S. here is another take on the subject

    Newsflash – we DO feel things. Eventually.

    And here we go!……

    "Begin at the beginning and go on till you come to the end:

     then stop." 

    Lewis Carroll, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

    Sounds simple, does it not? Well not for me.

    Here's the why's (hope that's correct grammar) 

    I'm a 38 year old (believe me I had to work it out – again). Most of my life story I can only relate from 2nd hand accounts and vague (hopefully true) memories. No joking, I finally had to save my kids birthdays and ages on my organizer to keep track, not because of the number mind you (there is only three of them). Don't ask me their classes (grades) as I'll have to guess.

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