Give Thanks

“If the only prayer you said was ‘thank you’, that would be enough.”

Meister Eckhart

First and foremost to my Creator, my reason for being in this world may be a mystery to me, but You know what you have planned for me.
To my Mum. Your strength and prayers have kept me safe all my life, thank you and LOVE you!!
My Dad. Sorry I was always quiet, LOVE you.
To my big sis, Irene. You always know what to say when I need an anchor in the stormy seas.
My one and only Bro, Paul. Always ready to give a helping hand – BIG thanks.
My small Sis, Flo. Whatever the situation, you always have a smile and a laugh to share, LOVE ya!!!
My lovely wife, Sarah. I swear I don’t know how you kept us together with all my ‘stuff’. Maybe I don’t say this as much as I should but “I Love You, Dearest”, this is for you:
I feel your aches I feel your pains
I feel your blood running through my veins
So much we’ve lost to hate and greedy games
Who is to be blame
Will someone tell me please
Who is the culprit
I see your tears your fears of which I share
Deep deep inside I know that you care
Too much we’ve lost along the way so
Dry your weeping eyes now
I want you to know
Love is the conqueror
Don’t shed no more tears
I say dry your weeping eyes
It’s time you should know
Love is the conqueror
Clinton Fearon – Conqueror
My Prince and Princesses, the three “P’s” – Pat, Pre and Phil. Hi guys! Though you guys are still young, your resolve and faith in me keep me sane. MEGA HUG to you all.


Forever grateful to the following:
Dr. Njau – Love our sessions and your honesty and faith in me.
My buddies; Ndungu (Baba) – your calls are always a relief, Nitawesmake , Pablo and Njosh – though far, you still there for me, Mungai – Can’t forget you, Izo – thanks for the crazy times we’ve had.
My Schoolmates; Peter, Hez, Simo (Thanks for introducing me to Stephen King, still reading them), Julius – college would not have been the same without you.

All my colleagues in all the different places I’ve worked, you know who you be.

And to the rest of the world.

“I’m still here and I ain’t leaving soon!”

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