Oh my!

Is that how my blog looks like?
Seriously though, all this time I thought I was writing long blogs (blame it on my BBerry) but it looks more like quotes or comments!
Anyway, I know I’ve done another MIA but I’ll be back soon. Once I figure out how to work with this Android phone.
Many of my plans were derailed, Again. But all in all I won’t complain since on the other hand the rosy pictures I was carrying in my mind turned to dust in the face of reality.
So I’m still stuck at the same job, same town with dwindling chances of my plans bearing fruit in the near future. On then other hand it might turn out to be a blessing in disguise  since I have to work out some issues that are weighing heavily on my mind in my relationships.
So though I may take some time out, I hope to continue this journey.


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