How do you fight Depression

So my depression has been building up slowly over the past few weeks. Funny thing is I have no conscious idea of what is causing it.

Guess it is this multiple channels of thought. So by yesterday evening it had built up to a point I just couldn’t get to sleep at all. So finally I got to catch some sleep at 6am, only to be woken up at 11.00 am our mail server having crashed!!!

So here I am at 2.00 am finally, (after having to install a new mail software – don’t even wonder the learning curve involved), hungry, tired and in need of a hot bath. But then again, I have to be up by 8.00 am since I have to guide all the other users on changes to be effected on their PC’s!

Yeah, that really did some god to my black mood, but I know tomorrow they’ll be one hell of a payback awaiting me. I just wish we had a way for this government to subsidize medication, since its too darn expensive and I have to get back on it soonest.

Have a stress free night!


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