Eff’d up. ¿Again?

OK. Either I’m the biggest screw-up, or I should be on constant medication, and monitoring.

Disregarding, the above, what in all that’s holy is going on with me??? I’ve been having too much short-temper situations popping up all the past two weeks. If knot that, its either jumping from one mess into another (bigger) one.

So here I am wondering “is it me? Is this my lot in life? Is it really worth going on?” Seriously though, its not once or twice, I’ve woken up I’m the morning of late and thought I’d be better off dead. At least then these thoughts would finally be put to rest for good. Luckily I still have a few anchors, though weakening more each day, to hold me in this plane of existence.

So I hope everyday, and pray, that either the anchors hold, or things turn around for the better.

I just hope for the latter!

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